GP Pharm Medical performs clinical trials since 2000 and has an impressive track record covering majority of therapeutic areas and all phases of clinical trials.

Over 4.000 patients have already participated in clinical trials conducted by GP Pharm Medical in Poland. The quality have been confirmed by 14 audits with no critical findings.


Therapeutic area
Phase of clinical trial
No. of patients
Cardiovascularphase IV>1000 patients*
Dermatologyphase II40 patients
Dermatologyphase III60 patients
Diabetologyphase III300 patients*
Diabetologyphase IV700 patients
ENTphase IV100 patients
Gyneacologyphase III
150 patients
Nephrologyphase I24 patients
Nephrologyphase III450 patients*
Neurologyphase I48 healthy volunteers
Oncologyphase II60 patients
Oncologyphase III160 patients*
Orthopedicsphase III390 patients
Osteoporosisphase II140 patients
Pneumonologyphase III200 patients*
Psychiatryphase II40 patients
Psychiatryphase III
250 patients
Urologyphase II100 patients*
* more than 1 trial conducted