GCP Training Courses

GP Pharm Medical organizes trainings within clinical research for CRAs, investigators, physicians and other professionals. We have already accomplished numerous courses in Poland and abroad. 

The most popular training is Monitoring Clinical Trials for GCP Compliance. It covers all major aspects of conducting a clinical trial, including the matters of the responsibility of all parties and the accuracy, quality and integrity assurance of the scientific data collected during trials. The participants have a great opportunity to improve their practical, decisional and communicational skills.

We also offer trainings for Clinical Research Investigators. The course’s aim is to explain the role of an investigator in the process of a clinical trial as well as to identify his ethical responsibility and legal obligations. 

We offer customized on-site or external trainings carried out by contract research associates with long-term and documented experience in performing and monitoring clinical trials. 

Well-qualified speakers guarantee participants to leave with a systematized knowledge and practical abilities.

GP Pharm Medical has the status of a training institution.


For more information on training, please check the polish language version of our website.